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Dr Halina Suwalowska

Halina SuwalowskaResearch Fellow, Ethox Centre, University of Oxford

Halina Suwalowska is a Researcher in Global Health Bioethics at the Ethox Centre at the University of Oxford.

Halina is a sociologist by background, and she completed a DPhil in Population Health at the Ethox Centre in 2020. Her doctoral research focused on the ethics and politics of implementing Minimally Invasive Autopsy technology (MIA) in low-income settings.

Halina’s current research focus is on the ethical and social issues emerging in managing dead bodies during natural disasters and epidemics and the challenges experienced by frontline staff and ‘last responders’ when caring for the dead in global health.

Halina has established methodologically innovative research projects and collaborations, which focus incorporate art projects in the design and dissemination of her research. The findings of her study inspired an art exhibition, ‘Beyond the body: a portrait of autopsy’ that has been shown in the UK and internationally.

Halina is a member of the Global Health Bioethics Network and Epidemic Ethics network. Before joining the Ethox Centre, Halina worked at the Wellcome Trust in London.