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Call for Papers

GLIDE collaborators Sapfo Lignou, Rebecca Selzer, Mark Sheehan and Jeff Jones are editing a special issue of the Monash Bioethics Review that aims to collect and explore diverse perspectives and experiences on the challenges faced by children with complex chronic conditions and their families, with particular attention to the global health perspective.

Children with complex chronic conditions are a group of children who experience fragility, functional limitations, high healthcare service needs, and high healthcare utilisation. Due to poor integration and communication among different providers, health outcomes for this group are often variable and poor. Families of children with complex chronic conditions often encounter social and financial challenges, including the high cost of treatments and care, stigma, and other obstacles related to accommodating the child’s needs.

While the specific circumstances surrounding these challenges may differ, the distinct needs and vulnerabilities of this population are similar, and certain ethical obligations towards them exist. Systemic inefficiencies are likely to further exacerbate the health and social inequalities these children face, leading to disadvantages with clinical and non-clinical consequences that extend into adulthood. Despite their importance, these issues have not been properly considered in policy and ethics debates so far.

This call for papers aims to encourage a better understanding of the intersection of social and public health, the universal and specific challenges related to the care of this population, and how different ethical, political, and cultural values may affect responses to these challenges. It will provide a platform for sharing knowledge and ideas, and for promoting the development of effective policies and practices to improve the care and support provided to children with complex conditions and their families. We hope that this special issue will contribute to the broader conversation on global health and the care of this vulnerable population.

The deadline for manuscript submissions is 10 December 2023. See the Monash Bioethics Review for full details.

Photo credit: Aaron Burden on Unsplash