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Person holding a mobile phone with the screen displaying a Covid-19 app.

Call for papers

GLIDE Fellows Tess Johnson and Jon Shaffer are editing a special issue of the Monash Bioethics Review exploring coercion in public health from bioethical, sociological and anthropological perspectives.

Papers could focus on the normative dimensions of concepts of coercion, restriction, biopower, care, and burden; explain the literature of coercion in bioethics and policy; or ethically analyse historical or contemporary national and international coercive policies and programs.

Possible questions to motivate papers include:

  • What exactly is coercion in public health practice and how does it vary in social understanding, experience, and legitimacy?
  • When, if ever, is coercion in public health policy and practice in response to infectious disease outbreaks acceptable?
  • How are forms of coercion in public health bound up with conceptions of social care?
  • How is coercion experienced differently by coerced individuals or groups in different historical and contemporary, national and international contexts, and how might this affect the ethical acceptability of coercive public health policies?

Manuscripts are due by 15 October 2023. More information is available on the Monash Bioethics Review website.

Photo credit: Cory Checketts on Unsplash